About us

Baltic Environmental Forum (BEF) Estonia is a non-governmental organization working in the areas of environmental protection and nature conservation since 1995. Our main aim is to preserve sustainable environment through raising awareness and promoting environmental management to increase knowledge and improve skills of different stakeholders.
Since 2013 BEF Estonia is also a member of Estonian Council of Environmental NGOs that helps environmental activists jointly achieve the environmental protection goals that are important for all of us.

Bring together and offer expertise to people, businesses, research institutes and government agencies in Estonia, thereby creating a social dialogue and raising environmental awareness of different stakeholders.

Our vision is to maintain a clean, healthy environment, which is achieved by sustainable and knowledge-based environmental management.

Professionalism. We are competent in our field. Our team includes experts from different areas ensuring the capability to work in various environmental fields.
Honesty. We are a strong partner in the environmental field, who align their actions with their words.
Openness. We notice what’s happening around us and we care about it. We believe that through social involvement and joint effort we can accomplish more.