Chemicals and consumer awereness

Think before you buy. Choose products with less hazardous substances. A teacher's handbook
pdf - 5.5MB (2015)

Hazardous chemicals in everyday products – we have the right to know!
pdf - 418KB (2015)

Test your environment. Report on hazardous substances around us – blood, dust, products, indoor air
pdf - 4.5MB (2015)

Million reasons to know about hazardous substances
pdf - 984KB (2011)

Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) - the action is needed now
pdf - 255KB (2016)

Nature conservation and biodiversity

How do grasslands benefit humans? Introduction to grassland ecosystem services
pdf - 3.2MB (2017)

Viable grassland management – experience, challenges and opportunities
pdf - 6.7MB (2015)

Quo vadis, Baltic Sea?
pdf - 3.2MB (2015)

Baltic Sea residents
pdf - 571KB (2014)

Marine biodiversity monitoring
pdf - 450KB (2013)

The Baltic Sea - unique and fragile?
pdf - 5.1MB (2012)

Marine biodiversity indicators - the MARMONI approach
pdf - 3.6MB (2015)

See the Baltic Sea. Unique assets we share
pdf - 6.9MB (2009)

Towards a resilient ecosystem of the Baltic Sea
pdf - 1.3MB (2012)

Report on availability of marine biodiversity data
pdf - 654KB (2012)

See the Baltic Sea. Unique assets we share
pdf - 6.9MB (2009)

Guidelines for the investigation of the impacts of offshore wind farms on the marine environment in the Baltic States
pdf - 286KB (2009)

Sustainable mobility

Handbook on cycling inclusive planning and promotion
pdf - 32.6MB (2012)

Cycling in liveable cities
pdf - 720KB (2013)

Overview and analysis of public awareness raising strategies and actions on energy savings
pdf - 391KB (2009)

Energieeffizienz von Gebäude. Glossar Englisch-Deutsch
pdf - 1.3MB (2009)

A lessons learned report
pdf - 28.2MB (2020, Cyclurban)

Climate change mitigation and adaptation

Climate Change Adaptation in the Baltic States
pdf - 739KB (2011)

Ecology of construction materials – a handbook
pdf - 13.2MB (2011)

Background paper. Holistic Planning For Energy Optimised Municipalities
pdf - 2.4MB (2009)

Handbook: Holistic energy efficient planning and construction
pdf - 66.3MB (2011)

Water and water management

Report on hazardous substances screening results in the aquatic environment of Estonia
pdf - 1.8MB (2011)

Applying contingent valuation to the restoration of salmon migration along the Valgejõgi River
pdf - 822KB (2007)