Project partnership

As an NGO working from project to project we have written tens of project applications for us and others throughout the years. In addition to consultations and project application writing we help the client in finding the suitable source of funding and partners. If needed we offer assistance in project management and reporting.

We have successful experiences with the following funding instruments:
– Interreg Baltic Sea Region;
– Interreg Central Baltic;
– Nordic Council of Ministers;
Environmental Investment Centre;
– National Foundation of Civil Society.

We also have the capability to contribute in various environmental fields such as:

– developing chemicals policy and handling chemical in the industry;
– raising consumer awareness in choice and handling of products;
– nature conservation and implementing Natura 2000;
– water policy and management of catchment areas;
–  waste and hazardous-waste management;
– reducing industrial pollution;
– energy efficiency and renewable energy sources;
– implementing environmental policy on a national and regional level.

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