Translation of environmental texts into Estonian

We have a long-term experience in translating environmental texts mainly from English to Estonian language, but also German-Estonian, Russian-Estonian, Finnish-Estonian. We have translated numerous information and study materials, reports, presentations, etc. produced in international projects; as well as the European Commission’s guidance documents for taking into account Natura 2000 requirements in different sectors (including e.g. agriculture, inland waterways transport, mineral extraction). We have also done follow-up and whispered translation (Estonian-English-Estonian) at environmental seminars.

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of various environmental areas (including nature conservation and environmental protection, Natura 2000, ecosystem services, environmental impact assessment, green public procurement, water management, hazardous chemicals, climate change mitigation and adaptation, etc.) and related legislation and terminology.

We offer translation of environment-related texts (with Estonian language editing) mainly from English to Estonian, but also German-Estonian, Russian-Estonian, Finnish-Estonian.

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