We offer the following services:

Baltic Environmental Forum (BEF) is known for professional management of environmental events. Over the years we have established good liaisons with different social groups. The BEF team, which consists of field experts, always ensures seamless events in content as well as in execution. We have experience in organising both national and international seminars.

We offer event management in logistics and technical details as well as planning the content strategy. We have the capability in different environmental fields, which include the following:

– consumer awareness and environmentally friendly behaviour;
– chemical awareness and safety;
– nature conservation (ecosystem services, biodiversity, preserving and restoring habitats);
– mitigating and adapting to climate change;
– sustainable urban mobility;
– hazardous substances to the aquatic environment and water management plans;
– environmental management.

Contact us: info@bef.ee

As an NGO working from project to project we have written tens of project applications for us and others throughout the years. In addition to consultations and project application writing we help the client in finding the suitable source of funding and partners. If needed we offer assistance in project management and reporting.

We have successful experiences with the following funding instruments:
– Interreg Baltic Sea Region;
– Interreg Central Baltic;
– Nordic Council of Ministers;
Environmental Investment Centre;
– National Foundation of Civil Society.

We also have the capability to contribute in various environmental fields such as:

– developing chemicals policy and handling chemical in the industry;
– raising consumer awareness in choice and handling of products;
– nature conservation and implementing Natura 2000;
– water policy and management of catchment areas;
–  waste and hazardous-waste management;
– reducing industrial pollution;
– energy efficiency and renewable energy sources;
– implementing environmental policy on a national and regional level.

Contact us: info@bef.ee

We are offering consultation services on increasing chemical safety in businesses. We help businesses to comply with chemical handling legislation and give recommendations on how to limit environmental impact and health effects caused by chemicals and manufacturing processes.

We have the capability to consult on various topics related to chemicals, which include the following areas:

  • safety cards;
  • chemical inventory;
  • safe handling of chemicals;
  • REACH regulation;
  • substitution of hazardous chemicals;
  • CLP regulation.


Baltic Environmental Forum has been working in the field of chemicals for years. Experience with different stakeholders and individual approach guarantees a professional and effective consultation service for every business.

Contact us: info@bef.ee

One of the priorities of Baltic Environmental Forum is organising training programmes for chemical hazard management. The aim is to raise the awareness and capacity of public authorities, businesses and consumers. Our experts have conducted many seminars and trainings on chemical hazards and risk management, chemical safety and related legislation (REACH, CLP, etc.) for public institutions and industry.

We have organised trainings in the following areas:

– area of regulation of the chemical law (REACH regulation, CLP regulation, chemical inventory etc.);
– chemical safety in businesses (eg. employee training, chemical risk assesment);
–  substances hazardous to the aquatic environment.

In addition we have carried out lectures and workshops to raise general consumer awareness:
– hazardous substances in consumer products;
– DIY workshop for eco-friendly cleaning products;
– DIY workshop for natural cosmetics.

For every training we focus on the needs and peciularity of the specific target group. Together with the client we will put together the most suitable  programme.

Contact us: info@bef.ee

We have a long-term experience in translating environmental texts mainly from English to Estonian language, but also German-Estonian, Russian-Estonian, Finnish-Estonian. We have translated numerous information and study materials, reports, presentations, etc. produced in international projects; as well as the European Commission’s guidance documents for taking into account Natura 2000 requirements in different sectors (including e.g. agriculture, inland waterways transport, mineral extraction). We have also done follow-up and whispered translation (Estonian-English-Estonian) at environmental seminars.

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of various environmental areas (including nature conservation and environmental protection, Natura 2000, ecosystem services, environmental impact assessment, green public procurement, water management, hazardous chemicals, climate change mitigation and adaptation, etc.) and related legislation and terminology.

We offer translation of environment-related texts (with Estonian language editing) mainly from English to Estonian, but also German-Estonian, Russian-Estonian, Finnish-Estonian.

Contact us: info@bef.ee