Among the people working in the field of environmental protection, Baltic Environmental Forum is known in Estonia and in other Baltic states for organising different events and Baltic Environmental Forum has twelve years of experience doing it. BEF has high standards and the professionalism shows from the content side as well as from the technical side of events. We have experienced experts in our team and also over the years we have made a lot of connections with different representatives of the society. In the last years we have paid more attention to environmental education and raising knowledge in different stakeholders. In the frame of projects we have compiled handbooks and informative brochures.

Our project activities include the following aspects of environmental policy:

  • chemicals policy and handling chemicals in industries;
  •  nature protection and Natura 2000;
  •  water policy and management of catchment areas;
  • waste and hazardous waste management;
  •  reducing industrial pollution;
  •  energy efficiency and renewable energy resources;
  •  consumers awareness raising;
  •  implementing environmental policy on national and regional level.