Climate change mitigation and adaptation

From Estonia till Croatia: Intelligent Energy Saving Measures for Municipal housing in Central and Eastern European Countries (INTENSE)

October 2008 – November 2011
Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany; Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Head Quarter
Sofia Energy Agency SOFENA (Bulgaria); Energie- und Umweltzentrum am Deister e.u.[z.] (Germany); Auraplan (Germany); Local Action Group Moravian Karst (Czech Republic); Municipalities: Saku (Estonia), Cēsis (Latvia), Rīga (Latvia), Elektrėnai (Lithuania), Münster (Germany), Frankfurt (Germany), Ożarów (Poland), Ružomberok (Slovakia), Ptuj (Slovenia), Koprivnica (Croatia), Samobor (Croatia), Veszprém (Hungary), Băile Tuşnad (Romania), Sapareva Banya (Bulgaria)
Intelligent Energy Europe programme

The project  aimed to transfer intelligent energy saving measures for municipal housing from “old” EU Member States to “new” Member States, Accession and Candidate countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The project was built on a holistic approach for planning of energy-optimised housing. INTENSE was implemented in 12 countries by 28 partners representing multiplier organisations, municipalities and project experts.

The project comprised analysis of legal preconditions, experience exchange on best practice examples, development and implementation of training programmes, pilot planning activities at partner municipalities, and public awareness raising. Increased capacities of local authorities were seen as an investment to the future for influencing new housing development at legislative, technical and planning level as well as guiding consumer behaviour towards efficient energy use. Experiences and lessons learned within the project were disseminated across Europe.

BEF Estonia focused its work in the INTENSE project in cooperation with German experts on enhanced development of knowledge and skills of different stakeholders in the building process (planners, architects, engineers, craftsmen, municipal advisors) by carefully assessed training needs of different stakeholder groups and elaborated set of training programmes and materials fitting especially for Central and Eastern European conditions.


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