Climate change mitigation and adaptation


Project KNOWING aims to develop a modelling framework to help understand and quantify the interactions between impacts and risks of climate change, mitigation pathways and adaptation strategies. The framework will be used to assess the advancing climate science and further broadening and deepening the knowledge base is essential to inform the societal transition towards a climate neutral and climate resilient society by 2050, as well as towards a more ambitious greenhouse gas reduction target by 2030. There is a need for research that furthers our understanding of past, present and expected future changes in climate and its implications on ecosystems and society, closing knowledge gaps, and develops the tools that support policy coherence and the implementation of effective mitigation and adaptation solutions. Currently, there is a lack of knowledge of the Earth system and the ability to predict and project its changes under different natural and socio-economic drivers, especially regarding complex interrelations, rebound effects and behavioural aspects. Therefore, a holistic, system-aware and behaviour centred approach is needed to identify and implement realistic and effective climate mitigation pathways.

The planned activities of the project in Tallinn are aimed at mitigating the risks caused by heat waves and increasing the awareness and coping skills of the population. Tallinn will receive a summary of the necessary implementing measures to adapt to climate change and increase awareness and administrative capacity related to climate change.

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Project name: Framework for defining climate mitigation pathways based on understanding and integrated assessment of climate impacts, adaptation strategies and societal transformation
Project number: 101056841
Duration: June 2022 – May 2026
Partners: Lead partner is Austrian Institute of Technology, Estonian partners: Baltic Environmental Forum and Tallinn City Government. A total of 19 partners from Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Estonia, Spain and Croatia, including the city of Granollers in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia in Spain, the city of Naples in Italy and the Arensberg region in Germany, and research institutes, innovation centers and non-profit organizations.
Donors: HORIZON2020 application round: „Climate sciences and responses (HORIZON-CL5-2021-D1-01)“
Budget: 6,2 mln EUR, of which BEF part is 127 500 EUR