Climate change mitigation and adaptation

LIFE UrbanStorm

The main objective of the project LIFE UrbanStorm is to increase climate resilience in Estonian municipalities, especially their resilience to flash flooding caused by heavy rainfall.  Two local governments will participate in the project: Viimsi Municipality and Tallinn City Government. They will develop a local strategy and action plan for climate change adaptation that will be based on both a) analytical work and b) practical capacity-building and testing exercises of current Project.
The main activities of LIFE UrbanStorm include developing strategy and action plan for climate change adaptation for Viimsi and for Tallinn, designing and setting up a comprehensive digitalised storm water management system for Viimsi and capacity building of Estonian municipal water management specialists and engineers.  Project’s results and support materials created based on lessons learnt in this project will support other local governments in Estonia in compiling their own adaptation strategies and introducing SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) in their municipalities.

Project name: Development of sustainable and climate resilient urban storm water management systems for Nordic municipalities (LIFE UrbanStorm)
Project number: LIFE17 CCA/EE/000122
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September 2018 – February 2023
Partners: Viimsi Municipality, Department of Municipal Engineering Services of Tallinn City Government, Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia and Estonian University of Life Sciences
Financiers: European Union LIFE+ programme and Environmental Investment Centre
Budget: 1 984 343 EUR