Chemicals and consumer awereness

Capitalizing key elements of NonHazCity: empowering private and professional users for better risk management and use reduction of chemical products in their cities (NonHazCity2)

Project no.: #X006
Duration: August 2019 – January 2021
Partners: Riga City Council (lead); BEF Latvia; BEF Lithuania; Gdansk Water Utilities; City of Västeras; Pärnu City Government; BEF Estonia; BEF Germany; Turku University of Applied Science; Polish Forum ISO 14000
Financiers: INTERREG Baltic Sea Region

NonHazCity 2 (NHC2) is an extension project of NonHazCity (NHC1), which ran from 03/2016 to 02/2019. The main objective of NHC2 is to deepen and follow-up on those activities of the NHC1 that have been proven most essential or promising for further development.

NHC2 wants to capitalize key elements of the preceding project and additionally:

  • monitor and assess the implementation of strategies & guidelines developed in NHC1;
  • make chemicals risk management more explicit in environmental management standards;
  • systematize training of staff at the public sector;
  • empower a larger amount of private consumers & businesses to change their consumption of products containing hazardous substances;
  • cover the emerging issue of hazardous substances in plastic products.

Outputs of the project will include among others DIY kits for “Household check for hazardous substances” and “Office check for hazardous substances”, info material set “Plastic – not just waste but toxic!” and guidance materials for municipal administrations and their entities.