Chemicals and consumer awereness

Information campaign on hazardous substances in Belarus (BelHazCampaign)

Project no.: LIFE 10 INF/EE/108
Duration: August 2012 – August 2015
Partners: Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia; Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia; Belorussian Society of Consumers Protection; IPO “Ecopartnership”
Financiers: EU and the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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The aim of the project was to raise awareness about the issue of hazardous chemicals found in products and to take joint action and start a systematic campaign about this topic in Belarus.

Our aim was to campaign for every consumer to be able to make an informed and better choice about everyday-products. We selected very widely used everyday products such as cosmetics, baby care products, toys, household chemicals, construction materials and car care products as examples and explained which hazardous substances could be found in them, what could be their adverse health effects and how they could be avoided.

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