Nature conservation and biodiversity


Project no.: 652643
Duration: 2015–2019
Partners: coordinated by ACTeon(France), with GRID Arendal (Norway), NUIG (Ireland), ProSea (The Netherlands), ULHT- COFAC (Portugal), Danube Delta NIRD (Romania), NIVA (Norway), CSP – Innovazione nelle ICT (Italy), BEF (Germany), AZTI-MEM (Spain), The Marine Foundation (UK), Seven Engineering Consultants (Greece), UBO (France), University of Plymouth (UK) and TVE (UK) as partners; BEF Estonia as a subconstractor
Financiers: European Commision via Horizon 2020 program

EL lipp

The aim of the project is:
– to contribute to the sharing of knowledge on the human-ocean relationships;
– to support the development of costeffective initiatives and strategies on ocean literacy in Europe;
– to raise the awareness of specific target groups on their role and responsibility in achieving the sustainable development of the oceans.
Overall, contributing to changes in behavior of key stakeholders, so pressures on marine ecosystems are reduced and opportunities offered by the oceans duly seized.

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Laura Remmelgas