Climate action plans

Despite efforts to mitigate climate change, the global climate continues warming. It is therefore important to increase the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions ambition and be prepared to adapt to a changing climate. Local governments have a key role to play in this. Many measures related to the more sustainable use of resources fall directly within the competence of the local governments and/or are not feasible without their political support. At the same time, local governments have a responsibility to ensure a high-quality living environment even in the conditions of a changing climate, which is why it is important to increase preparedness and capacity to adapt to the effects of climate change.

Strategically, it is most reasonable to draw up a single plan at the municipal level that takes into account both the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to the effects of climate change. Cities that have joined the Covenant of Mayors are committed to draw up such a climate action plan (Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Action Plan), but plans are also drawn up by other cities that want to increase their competitiveness.

The climate plan consists of climate change mitigation and adaptation components and analyzes and identifies measures in all areas that are relevant and effective in the respective municipality.

The Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia has participated in the writing of climate action plans, in various areas related to climate change development strategies and has long-term experience in large-scale projects preparation and subsequent implementation.

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