Social Media Campaign – The NonHazCity Plastic Diet

The NonHazCity Plastic Diet: 3 May 2021 – 13 June 2021

A tool for reducing emissions and exposure of hazardous substances from everyday use of goods and materials at homes and workplaces in town


Plastic is a vector for hazardous substances. The synthetically produced material consists of linear and branched molecular chains and is usually mixed with cocktails of additives. The additives may guarantee the desired functions of our everyday items, such as a high flexibility (softeners), UV protection (UV protectors) or the slowing down of flame propagation (flame retardants). The problem: additives and also residues from plastic production processes can leach out and can cause very negative effects on humans health and the environment. We have learned so far about plastic wastes on land, in oceans and dophine bellies, about macro- and microplastic particles. This knowledge about hazardous substances in plastic materials and articles has not yet reached most of people (end-users).

The have been many campaigns about reduction of the plastic use and with our campaign we would like to add one more aspect to this. Hence, the current campaign is not focused just in reduction of plastic as such but on informed choices and safe handling in right context.

The aim of the campaign is to foster a change in consumption and use behavior: less plastics, better use – informed choice and safe handling. To reach the aim we will have 6 weeks and 6 topics information campaign.

The 6 topics with focus on hazardous substances are following:

  • Textile – fabrics, additives, colours – the risk on our skin
  • Food contact materials: detox your kitchen!
    • plastic packaging and storage
    • Kitchen utensils
    • Take away containers
  • Sport utensils & bathing tools – Yoga matraces, the pink flamingo and more……
  • Accessories and decorations: surrounded by plastics
  • Bioplastic – “Solution or Greenwashing?”
  • Toys and children accessories, deco and kid furniture from plastics

If you are intrested to participate in the campaign then there are several options.

  • Campaign partner – you would get from the NonHazCity campaign team the materials for 6 weeks social media campaign as well other materials in English. These can be used by campaign partner in any country and language, indcludin games, quizzes and attractions. Each campaign partner has a certain freedom what to do, but we keep the joint structure: topical focus of the weeks and key messages.
  •  Organisation that takes on a challenge – organisation/ institution who would like to pay more attention to hazardous substances in their premises – to raisw awareness and reduce the use of them. You can define your focus with our help and evaluate your progress. You are willing to share your experience also with others!
  • Participating VIPs and influencers – you would be a face of the campaign and give it a wider reach. We will agree with you the posts and tasks you can implement.


In case of you would like to receive further information please contact:

Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia

Kai Klein,